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Thursday, 08 March 2012 14:55 Written by Marty

I admit I don't use my PC as much anymore. Once I got my iMac, most of my work has slowly moved away from the PC, even though I still have both on my desk. However, one of the programs I was rather impress with on my PC was a video editor that was initially designed for home movie creators. This did not leave much of an option for internet marketers, so the product didn't really catch on.


Techsmith's Camtasia Studio has long been the front-runner for PC users doing online tutorials, internet marketing, and website tours. The software is feature-rich, but also memory intensive and as a user myself can attest to some real grief when dealing with longer files. In spite of these drawbacks, the software has been very successful, especially among IMers wanting to get into video marketing.


However, it is also one of the most expensive pieces of software that marketers have to invest in, coming in at $299 USD. Now there are other options such as screencast-o-matic, Jing (also by Techsmith), and CamStudio (an open source screen recorder), but all fall short in terms of length limits, and are essentially devoid of editing capabilities. But there just might be a new alternative to Camtasia, that has gone under the radar for too long.

VideoStudio Pro X5 by Corel.


It's called VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate, and it's made by Corel, a long time producer of PC software, most know as the maker of Corel Draw and Paint Shop Pro. Now this software has been out for several years that I know of, because I have used and earlier version of it in the past, and found it a rather good video editing tool. One thing that impressed me quite a bit was it's ability to handle large files with no noticeable drag while editing. I also never remember it ever crashing on me.


Let there be no mistake here. VideoStudio Pro X5 is a full featured video editing software rivaling the features of Sony Vegas and Final Cut Pro for the Mac. But in this newest version among several other major feature updates is the ability to record your screen and audio for the purposes of tutorials, gaming, powerpoint presentations etc. Basically all the things that internet marketers do to create content for Youtube, membership or marketing videos.

Now if you combine a full featured video editor (of which Camtasia is not) and a screen capture ability, then you have a whole new ball game with regards to flexibility and creativity. If you have ever tried to inject a video file into a Camtasia project, you'll know how slow and aggravating that software can get, so this new Corel software that handles both may very well be something to look into.


And oh yeah... the best thing about VideoStudio X5 Pro is that you can buy it for just $99, and it's only a $49 upgrade if you have an earlier version. If you were thinking about buying Camtasia, both of these products have a 30 day trial, so I would make sure to give each a fair run before deciding.

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