Creating 3D titles in your videos using Screenflow


Wednesday, 21 September 2011 22:00 Written by Marty

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Okay it's my first attempt at creating 3D effects using screenflow and one of the reasons for that is that the software is really not designed for advanced graphic effects. At least in an obvious way. Really, it's just a screencasting program. However, I have always looked at screenflow as something more than that because of it's easy-to-use interface and the fact that the software does not get bogged down with background rendering.

screenflow 3D titles tutorial
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From what I was able to accomplish in this exercise, I feel there is even more I can do with it, in order to create some really awesome 3D style introductions. For now, hav a look at the summary of what I did and tweet your comments to me @ComboCasting. I am looking for ideas to make this type of effect even more effective and realistic.

This first video is the end result, followed by my summarization of how I created the video.




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